Technorati tags

Tagging is one of the most hyped features of websites nowadays. Simply said, it’s a way to categorize content, without any hierarchy, just by adding different „tags“. uses it for links, flickr uses it for photos and now Technorati – one of the most important weblog search sites – introduced tags for blog posts.

Tagged blog posts will get indexed by Technorati and then appear on the appropriate tag page, next to corresponding photos and other links (see the links at the bottom of this text). A weighted list visualizes the importance of the different tags by font size.

Their indexing engine is using two ways to read the tags from a blog post: the built-in category system of some major blogging tools and „hand-made“ links inside the post. So the easiest way to add tags to an entry is to categorize it.

Unfortunately categories are pretty static in most tools, the available options have to be pre-configured inside the software, the author can only choose out of these keywords. If he wants to tag his post with something different he’s got to enter the configuration, add that cateroy and go back to the editor.

So I think it would be nicer to use the keywords instead. These can be entered individually at every entry. Now how to do this with Movable Type?

„ishbadiddle“ posted an easy way in the Movable Type support forums. Indeed he did a lot more over there, but the key info is at the bottom of the thread. You need two MT plugins: IFEmpty and Loop. Simply install them by adding the pl files to the plugins directory of your MT installation.

Then add the following code to your templates:

<MTIfNotEmpty var="EntryKeywords">
<br />Tags: <MTLoop values="[MTEntryKeywords]" delimiter=", "><a href="[MTLoopValue]" rel="tag" title="Technorati tag page for [MTLoopValue]">[MTLoopValue]</a> </MTLoop>

Now you can add individual „, „-separated keywords to your posts and this will create links to the according Technorati tag pages.

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